Eastern Europe Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Experts Forum
21 marca - 23 marca

Eastern Europe Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Experts Forum

Data 21 marca - 23 marca
Specjalizacja anestezjologia i intensywna terapia
Miejsce Lublin

“Eastern Europe Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Experts Forum” is organized by the 2nd Clinical Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy of the Medical University of Lublin, Poland. The Forum occurs from March the 21st until March the 23rd in Lublin (Centrum Symulacji Medycznej, Chodzki 4 Street).

It is possible to participate online in this event. Those interested are welcome to register.


1. On the day of the event, go to the website: med-space.pl
2. Log in to your account* by clicking REGISTRATION
3. Then, after logging in, click TRANSMISSION

Scientific committee:
Prof. Mirosław Czuczwar, MD, PhD (Poland) Scientific director of the Forum
Assoc. prof. Michał Borys, MD, PhD (Poland)
Assoc. prof. Paweł Andruszkiewicz (Poland)
Assoc. prof. Kateryna Bielka, MD, PhD (Ukraine)
Prof. Tomasz Czarnik, MD, PhD (Poland)
Prof. Wojciech Dąbrowski, MD, PhD (Poland)
Prof. Tomasz Gaszyński, MD, PhD (Poland)
Wojciech Gola, MD, PhD (Poland)
Assoc. prof. Iveta Golubovska, MD, PhD (Latvia)
Jacek Górka, MD, PhD (Poland)
Olena Khomenko, MD, PhD (Ukraine)
Przemysław Kluj (Poland)
Assoc. prof. Edyta Kotlińska-Hasiec (Poland)
Prof. Iurii Kuchyn, MD, PhD (Ukraine)
Paweł Kutnik, MD (Lublin, Poland)
Prof. Ivan Lisnyi, MD, PhD (Ukraine)
Prof. Aleksejs Miščuks, MD, PhD (Latvia)
Assoc. prof. Paweł Piwowarczyk, MD, PhD (Poland)
Prof. Hennadii Posternak, MD, PhD (Ukraine)
Edgars Prozorovskis, MD, PhD (Latvia)
Maksym Pylypenko, MD, PhD (Ukraine)
Indrek Rätsep, MD, PhD (Estonia)
Prof. Robertas Samalavičius, MD, PhD (Lithuania)
Natalia Semenko, MD, PhD fellow (Ukraine)
Serhii Soliaryk, MD, PhD
Assoc. prof. Eva Strīķe (Riga, Latvia)
Prof. Wojciech Szczeklik, MD, PhD (Poland)
Journal Szymon Zdanowski MD (Gdansk, Poland)

Organizing committee:
Elżbieta Rypulak, MD, PhD (Poland)
Marta Szczukocka, MD (Poland)
Justyna Stysiak-Sławecka, MD, PhD (Poland)




Thursday, 21 march 2024
20.00 Dinner
Friday, 22 march 2024
9.00-9.15  Opening of the Forum and welcome to guests
Session 1  
Chair: prof. Aleksejs Miščuks, MD, PhD
9.15-9.40  Pain management of patients with gunshot and blast trauma
prof. Iurii Kuchyn, MD, PhD (Kyiv, Ukraine)
9.40-10.05  Monitoring and regional anesthesia
prof. Aleksejs Miščuks, MD, PhD (Riga, Latvia)
10.05-10.30  Post surgical chronic pain prevention
assoc. prof. Michał Borys, MD, PhD (Lublin, Poland)
10.30-10.55  Comparison of the regional and general anesthesia as a risk factor of perioperative arrhythmia
Natalia Semenko, MD, PhD fellow (Kyiv, Ukraine)
10.55-11.10  Discussion
11.10-11.25  Coffee break
Session 2  
Chair: assoc. prof. Iveta Golubovska, MD, PhD
11.25-11.50  Current approach to multimodal analgesia in the treatment of acute postoperative pain
assoc. prof. Edyta Kotlińska-Hasiec, MD, PhD (Lublin, Poland)
11.50-12.15  Lidocaine as a component of multimodal analgesia. Are the results so good?
prof. Ivan Lisnyy, MD, PhD (Kyiv, Ukraine)
12.15-12.40  Improvement in postoperative PAIN OUTcome-patient perspective
assoc. prof. Iveta Golubovska, MD, PhD (Riga, Latvia)
12.40-12.55  Discussion
12.55-13.45  Lunch
Session 3  
Chair: prof. Tomasz Gaszyński, MD, PhD
13.45-13.55  Supporting healthcare professionals by technology innovations
Katarzyna Ochnik (Warsaw, Poland)
13.55-14.20  Crash and difficult airways in the prehospital management of trauma patients
Przemysław Kluj, EMT-P, PhD (Lodz, Poland)
14.20-14.45  Difficult airways - perioperative guidelines
prof. Tomasz Gaszyński, MD, PhD (Lodz, Poland)
14.45-15.10  How to avoid or limit complications associated with mechanical ventilation
assoc. prof. Paweł Piwowarczyk, MD, PhD (Lublin, Poland)
15.10-15.35  HFNOT – past, present and future
Jacek Górka, MD, PhD (Cracow, Poland)
15.35-15.50  Discussion
15.50-16.05  Coffee break
Session 4  
Chair: Indrek Rätsep, MD, PhD
16.05-16.30  Red Blood Cell Transfusion approach in the ICU
Olena Khomenko, MD, PhD (Kyiv, Ukraine)
16.30-16.55  Management of major bleeding and coagulopathy with or without enough supply of blood products
assoc. prof. Maksym Pylypenko, MD, PhD (Kyiv, Ukraine)
16.55-17.20  Transformation of postgraduate education in disaster conditions. Experience from Ukraine
prof. Henadii Posternak, MD, PhD; Serhii Soliaryk, MD, PhD; Olena Khomenko, MD, PhD (Kyiv, Ukraine)
17.20-17.45  ECMO Circuit Flow Impacts on General Oxygen Delivery
Edgars Prozorovskis, MD, PhD (Riga, Latvia)
17.45-18.10  Moblie ECMO programme – Polish experience
prof. Tomasz Czarnik, MD, PhD (Opole, Poland)
18.10-18.35  ECMO - yes, not yet or never
Indrek Rätsep, MD, PhD (Tallin, Estonia)
18.35-18.50  Discussion and summary of the first day of the Forum
20.15  Dinner
Saturday, 23 march 2024
Session 5  
9.00-9.25 Pharamcokinetics of antibiotics in the critically ill patients
prof. Mirosław Czuczwar, MD, PhD (Lublin, Poland)
9.25-9.50  Neuromonitoring in perioperative medicine and critical care
prof. Wojciech Dąbrowski, MD, PhD (Lublin, Poland)
9.50-10.15  What strategies can help reduce delirium after reciving anesthesia for surgery?
assoc. prof. Eva Strīķe (Riga, Latvia)
10.15-10.40 Collaboration is a clue in solving important clinical questions! PREVENT-MINS and HYPNOR studies
prof. Wojciech Szczeklik, MD, PhD (Cracow, Poland)
10.40-11.05  Preoperative screening for malnutrition – new approach
Paweł Kutnik, MD (Lublin, Poland)
11.05-11.20  Discussion
11.20-11.35  Coffee break
Session 6  
Chair: assoc. prof. Kateryna Bielka, MD, PhD
11.35-12.00  Anesthesia for minimally invasive cardiac surgery
prof. Robertas Samalavičius, MD, PhD (Vilnius, Lithuania)
12.00-12.25  Patients safety challenges in low-resource settings
assoc. prof. Kateryna Bielka, MD, PhD (Kyiv, Ukraine)
12.25-12.50  Postgraduate training in regional anesthesiology - Polish experience
Wojciech Gola, MD, PhD (Konskie, Poland)
12.50-13.15  Holistic ultrasound in the ICU
assoc. prof. Paweł Andruszkiewicz, MD, PhD (Warsaw, Poland)
13.15-13.35  “Anesthesiology Intensive Therapy” Journal 
Szymon Zdanowski, MD (Gdansk, Poland)
13.35-13.50  Discussion and summary of the Forum
13.50  Lunch


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